Copy Editing

Copy Editing

If your novel has been through developmental editing, had any big picture issues resolved and is ready for sentence-level editing then copy editing is for you.

I will focus on perfecting your novel – correcting inconsistencies, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors – allowing your reader to have a pleasant reading experience without distracting errors. Copy edits also focus on style, sentence structure, tenses and fact checking. I use colour-coded comments to help show what issues are recurring and allow you to find them easily. A style guide is created for your project which will help if you have your work proofread, or for ensuring consistency in potential sequels.

If your novel hasn’t had any prior editing, or been read to assess its readiness for publication, you may want to opt for one of my developmental services. Find out more here or send me a sample to allow me to advise you on which service would best suit you.

A sample is required to determine the cost but a guide is: £0.007–0.01 per word (50k novel between £300–500) Extra rounds of editing incur an extra fee. Contact me to arrange a sample edit and a personalised quote. Packages are also available for multiple editing services.

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