Developmental Editing

The first stage of the editing process is developmental editing which focuses on big picture issues, including: plot, characterisation, narrative style, dialogue, point of view and scene/summary balance.

I provide three developmental services.

1. Beta reading – a beta read allows you to hear about your book from a reader’s perspective. Are there any issues with readability? Are the characters likeable? Is the ending satisfying? After a full read through I write a short report and give a chapter by chapter breakdown of issues. You are welcome to provide questions about any parts of your work that cause concern. I also advise on any editing required and the next steps for your manuscript. A lot of my clients have chosen beta reads as a first step if they aren’t in a position to pay for a developmental edit, it helps identify if developmental help is essential before they can publish. Anyone who goes on to book further editing after a beta read gets a 10% discount. Prices range from £50–£150 (depending on word count). Packages are also available with other editing services.  Book a beta read.

2. Manuscript assessment – this assessment comes as a lengthy Word document and provides a summary of any issues or recommendations to improve your work – that you can then address or decide to opt for further editing. No changes are made to your manuscript. This is an ideal option if you are working with a tight budget and need some advice about how to proceed with your novel. This cost of the critique depends on word count, starting from as little as £150. Book a manuscript assessment.

3. Developmental edit – this is a more comprehensive service than an assessment. I use the track changes function in Word to make suggestions and point out areas where there are issues. It also includes a report of around twelve pages which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript and advises how best to proceed. Prices range from £600–£1200 depending on word count.  Contact me to find out more about developmental editing.



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