How can I help you?


• I need my essay, thesis or dissertation proofread before submission.

• I need my novel assessedproofread or copy edited before self-publishing.

• I need my novel assessed or copy edited before sending it to agents and publishers.

Other Services

• I need my query package critiqued before sending to agents. £49 for critique of letter, synopsis and first chapter

• I need my novel beta read by a professional. Prices range from £50–£150 depending on word count, additional video call can be added to discuss feedback.

• I need a writing coach to help me with accountability, productivity, outlining, writer’s block and/or writing skills. Only £12.50 for initial introductory session.

• I need to work through my outline (or beat sheet) with an expert. £30 for analysis and one hour Skype/Zoom call to discuss.

• I need a series bible created to ensure consistency throughout my series of novels. Prices start at £150 (for two 70k word novels) and depend on the number of books in the series and word count.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help.

If I can help you with any other editorial service please let me know – if I can’t help I will refer you to a trusted colleague who can.




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