Are you struggling with imposter syndrome? Spending too much time procrastinating? Finding it hard to get that novel written? Unsure how to show, not tell?

If all, or any of these, apply to you then coaching could be the answer! Coaching is a totally individual service which is completely determined by your requirements. We begin with a Skype call (or messenger if you don’t like speaking in person) that allows us to draw up a program tailored to your needs.

One hour sessions (on Skype or Zoom) cost £25, or 5 for £100. Other services and a personalised quote can be arranged.

Examples of coaching services:

Emma was struggling with productivity, she felt like she had no one to talk to about her writing and her family was unsupportive. She used coaching as a weekly motivator; I checked in with her (through messenger) to make sure she had achieved her target word count. She also had a monthly Skype call where she could discuss any issues she was having with her writing. Within three months her manuscript was ready for editing. The service cost Emma £40 per month.

Sarah suffers from anxiety disorder and didn’t want to attend a writing class but did want the opportunity to have someone supportive read her work. She used coaching once a month to have me read the work she had produced and discuss any issues she’d had. She felt secure that she wasn’t being judged, she didn’t have to leave the comfort of her living room and she had an honest professional critique. She sent me the work through email and I emailed her my feedback. She was able to ask me any questions she had about writing technique and how she could improve. Sarah has become a much more confident writer and is still writing short stories and journalling to improve her technique. The service cost Sarah £20-30 per month depending on the word count of her work.

Eileen always wanted to write a book but never had the time. Once she retired, she had all the time in the world and wanted to write her memoir but couldn’t get started. Once we had established what was holding Eileen back from putting pen to paper, we were able to set goals and exercises and talk about them once a week. After a few sessions Eileen was able to get started and chose to continue with coaching to get weekly feedback about what she had written. The service cost Eileen £80 per month.

If you’d like to find out more about coaching contact me here.


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